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News from Musicmesse 2014

Musicmesse News Day 1 - RME releases a new Interface - the Fireface 802 60 Channel High End 192kHZ USB Firewire Audio Interface.

Fireface 802

The Fireface 802 renews RME’s reputation built on the legendary Fireface 800. 60 channels of audio, high-endConnectivity microphone preamps, reference class converters, a complete effects section and operation at up to 192 kHz are the base for many more features:

Ultra-low latency operation with USB or FireWire, combined with the legendary RME driver stability and maintenance. Active jitter suppression, individually switchable reference levels for all inputs and outputs, full stand-alone functionality, RME’s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox, and identical operation on Windows PC and Mac.

TotalMix FX, RME’s digital high-end mixer and signal router, driven by two powerful DSPs, with integrated EQ, Dynamics and Reverb/Echo effects at up to 192 kHz, plus a built-in monitoring controller.

The full-blown feature set also includes optional Class Compliant mode and operation with TotalMix FX for iPad, RME’s app to fully control the 802 from the iPad, without any computer. The easy to use app includes metering for all 90 channels plus effects bus, different setup screens, and complete control of all features.

The Fireface 802 is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a full-blown studio, all within a 19” enclosure. An interface designed for users who don’t want to make compromises in sound, stability and ultra-low latency operation, and who long for an unrivaled professional feature set. Once again a milestone interface from RME, including the best of the best and even a bit more.

>more information on the Fireface 802

Introducing the all new 6Pack analog multi-effect!

6 Pack

To call it revolutionary would be a bit strong, but Carl believes this is the first pro-quality, all analog, full programmable multi effect on the market! 
The 6Pack makes it possible to use one of four presets in each of 99 Banks using the 6 different on-board effects. There are also 3 different external amp switching options which are also programmable.

Add to this impressive list of features... an insert point after the drive, master mute switch, tuner out, tap tempo and instant access so you can enter or remove any effect or preset on the fly! 

The 6Pack is the most intuitive and simple multi effecton the market and has no midi, menus or sub-menus to scroll through when you need to make changes to your sound!

For each Preset, you engage the pedals you require for the preset, adjust all the parameters for each pedal and press store!

As usual, you can expect the solid steel casing, high quality switches and lighted pots, external switch mode AC Power supply and some new cosmetics. 

This is analog heaven for guitar players who are serious about tone, love Carl Martin's effects and would like to simplify what's at their feet when they are gigging ...without going digital!


icon More information on the Carl Martin Six Pack coming soon .....

Novation Announces a New Bundle at Musikmesse.  "Novation Launchpad S Control Pack"

Control Pack
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Everything you need to make and perform electronic music on Ableton Live in a single pack

Get Launchpad S, Launch Control, Ableton Live Lite 9, 1GB of loops and sounds, and two custom designed cases in a single pack. Launch loops and sounds and play drums and melodies with the Launchpad S, and control mixer, instrument, and effects with Launch Control. As you move from studio to stage, the custom designed case keeps the Launchpad S safe and secure.

Launchpad S: The 64 button Ableton Live Controller (Live Lite 9 included!)

Launchpad has totally redefined music making for the modern producer and performer. The 64 three-colour Launch pads are the best way to connect with your music - in the studio or on stage. This pack includes Ableton Live Lite 9
plus 1 Gigabyte of loops and sounds; start making and performing your music straight out of the box.

Launch Control: the Perfect Partner

Launchpad and Launch Control are perfect partners for taking control of your music in Ableton Live. Launch Control's 16 knobs control features like FX, Filters, and instruments, and eight additional Launch pads to Stop clips, control Mute and Solo, Record Enable and more.

A case keep things safe and secure

A Custom designed cases keep your Launchpad S tidy and secure in your gig bag and is designed to be quick to pack and unpack.

Super-bright, high performance LEDs. Class Compliant and bus powered

Launchpad S and Launch Control feature super bright, lightning fast LEDs to allow them respond immediately to commands from your DAW, and are fully class compliant plug and play devices - no drivers needed.

Made for Ableton Live, compatible with FL Studio and other software

Deep integration with Ableton Live 9 and the included Ableton Live Lite 9, but with custom sticker packs included you can now play your favourite software with Launchpad and Launch Control.

Works with the Novation Launchpad iPad App

Novation Launchpad App is a music creation and performance app for iPad that anyone can pick up and get great results. Create tracks using great quality and inspiring loops from Loopmasters and perform your song in real time. Use your Launchpad S to trigger loops and FX within the app. All you need is a camera kit (not included) as the Launchpad S is from the iPad.

Launchpad S
Launchpad S - The Number One Live Controller

Launchpad has totally redefined music making for the electronic music producer and performer.

The 64 three-colour Launch pads are the best way to connect with your music - in the studio or on stage.

This pack includes Ableton Live Lite 9 plus 1 Gigabyte of loops and sounds; start making and performing electronic music straight out of the box.

Find out more about the Launchpad S

Launch Control
Launch Control - Perfect Partner for Launchpad S

Launchpad and Launch Control are perfect partners for taking control of your music in Ableton Live.

Launch Control's 16 knobs and eight additional Launch pads align perfectly with Launchpad S and enable hands on control of even more of Ableton Live's features, from instrument and effects to mixer control.

Find out more about the Launch Control

Custom Protection Sleeves

Custom designed cases keep Launchpad S and Launch Control both tidy and secure in your gig bag and are designed to be quick to pack and unpack.

Free Software including Ableton Live Lite

Launchpad S Control Pack delivers deep integration with Ableton Live 9 and the included Ableton Live Lite 9, and 1GB of professional sounds from Loopmasters is included so you can make electronic music immediately.

With included sticker packs you can customise Launchpad S Control Pack for your favourite software.

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Launchpad  App for iPad updated just in time for Musikmesse 2014

IPAD App Update

Now you can use Audio Copy to export performances directly from Launchpad App into any other Audio Copy supporting App, and Audio Paste to import from any other Audio Paste supporting app directly into your Launchpad App sound library and put straight onto a pad.

The Audio Import upgrade transforms Launchpad app into a powerful performance tool for users that want to play original music on their iPad, with Audio Copy and Paste support, timestretching, Launch family integration, and full Dropbox integration for import.

Import WAV/AIFF samples by BPM with Dropbox (free Dropbox account required) or Audio Paste, and assign them to any Launch pad as loops or one shots. Whether from professional sample providers or exported from your own productions, combine your samples with built in and In-App purchased Launchpacks to create a unique library to perform with.

Launchpad App is available free from the App Store.

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Audient was founded in 1997 and has become universally recognised for producing award winning, innovative products for music recording and production. The company is renowned worldwide for delivering quality, affordable products that are in-tune with users working preferences and which deliver outstanding audio quality and ergonomic elegance.


Audio InterfacesAudient's world class USB audio interface, iD22 features Audient's renowned discrete class-a hybrid pre amps, monitoring functionality on par with large format consoles and pristine AD and DA conversion

iD22 will transform your DAW into a world-class recording system by connecting directly to your mics, computer and monitors.
iD22 provides two classic audient microphone preamplifiers, ALL NEW pristine AD/DA convertors that have been designed to deliver impeccable detail and impressive depth during both tracking & mixing.

iD22 is expandable via ADAT i/o - perfect for partnering with an ASP008 for 10-ch recording [total10-in, 12-out + headphones]. The console-style monitor controller functionality and USB2.0 connectivity complete the ergonomic desktop package.

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Microphone Preamplifiers

Transform your sessions into world class recordings with ASP880, the perfect addition to your set-up. Bypass the mic pres and converters in your current interface and achieve the same audio excellence as the top studios.

Audient’s renowned console Class-A mic pre outshines the competition and gives you the same sonic quality of products costing three or four times the price.
ASP880 provides you with the highest grade converters from Burr Brown, the leaders in converter technology. The integral ADC guarantees you will have the best conversion possible.

This isn’t just the best converter in a mic pre either, it stands up against dedicated converters too. You can focus on the music and let ASP880 take care of the rest.

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Launch Family

Launch pad Mini

Launchpad Mini is the compact version of the celebrated Novation Launchpad performance controller. Designed for the iPad generation, Launchpad Mini features 64 three colour launch pads that let you play loops, sounds, effects and more to produce and perform music immediately with your iPad - and your Windows or Mac.

launchpad Mini

More Info More Info on the Launchpad Mini

Launchkey Mini

Launchkey Mini is an exciting new compact mini-key instrument/controller featuring 16 velocity sensitive, three colour illuminated launch pads - use them to launch loops, sounds, effects, transport controls, and more.

Launchkey Mini also features a 25-note keyboard, eight assignable rotary controls, seven function buttons, and a further two performance buttons. Compact and portable, Launchkey Mini is great for producing and performing at home or on stage. 

Launchkey Mini

More Info More Info on the Launchkey Mini

Launch Control

Launch Control is a robust, compact controller with 16 assignable knobs and eight pads - ideal for hands-on control of your mixer, instruments and effects. Designed to partner with Novation Launchpad, Launch Control works with all major music software – and with your iPad. Use Launch Control's pads to fire off samples while you use the knobs to tweak filters, levels, and effects controls.


Launch Control


More Info More Info on the Launch Control

Launch Pad S

Launchpad S is a powerful 64-button music controller that lets you make music or mix tracks using a super-intuitive grid of multi-colour buttons. Whether you’re a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to ‘play' your software straight out of the box. Use the 64-button grid to launch and manipulate clips, trigger loops, fire off effects, control your mixer – and much more.

Launchpad S

More Info More Info on the Launchpad S

launchpad App

The Novation Launchpad App is a music performance app for iPad that will have you making beats and triggering loops instantly. It's packed full of high quality loops and sounds that can be combined in the multi-colour 8x6 Launchpad grid to make and remix music. The built-in time stretching always keeps you locked in to the beat, so your loops don't go out of time.

launchpad App

More Info More Info on the Launchpad App

Launchkey App

Launchkey App is a powerful analogue modelling synthesiser for iPad. It integrates with the Novation Launchkey hardware creating a unique hands-on synth workstation for your iPad – along with the new Launchpad app.

Launchkey app includes 60 brand new synth sounds for performing and producing music with iPad.

Launchkey App

More Info More Info on the Launchkey App

Featured Product
Bitwig Studio

Innovative Music has been  appointed  the Australian distributor for a new exciting DAW from Bitwig - Bitwig Studio. Advanced Controller

Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, remixing and performance with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.

Bitwig Studio is the result of passionate musicians wanting a more natural way to create music and sound.

Find out more about Bitwig Studio

Read the Dubspot Review of Bitwig Studio


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Mobile Media


Recording has gone mobile with MXL's Mobile Media Series! MXL's Mobile Media Series is an innovative line of microphones and recording accessories that are compatible with most mobile phones and many other mobile devices. MM Series microphones are designed for audio-only and audio for video recording on the go.

The way we record is changing. Our mobile phones have replaced handheld recorders for interviews, lectures, and note-taking. Mobile phones have become our video cameras, too. At the push of a button, our mobile phones record audio and high definition video.

Videos have become so easy to produce with phones, they are now essential to newsgathering, promotion, and entertainment. Yet, while video resolution improves with every new mobile device, the same has not been true of audio. Until now.

icon More information on the MXL Mobile Media Product Range.....


The MPG200 combines an elegant compact grand piano design with a high-gloss ebony finish that will add a touch of sophistication to any decor. Outstanding craftsmanship, high grade materials and technological innovations impart a level of quality to the MPG200 that is clearly seen and heard. It possesses a rich, beautiful piano voice that's worthy of the finest concert halls

Elegant Mini-Grand Cabinet
  • Elegant 3' Mini-Grand cabinet featuring all-wood rim acoustic detailing and high-quality polyester finish.
Feel Inspired
  • 88-note, fully-weighted, graded hammer-action piano keyboard with 10 user-selectable touch response levels.
Digital Amplification System
  • NEW! 4 speaker, 200 watt digital bi-amplified sound system with front-panel tone controls.
200 Legendary Sounds
  • Jam-packed with 200 award-winning Kurzweil sounds including the finest pianos, strings, organs, and orchestral instruments from our flagship PC3 series professional model instruments.
100 Authentic Rhythm Styles
  • Play along with a wide variety of musical rhythms.
Rich Effects
  • Dual ambience and effect processors featuring world-class Reverb, Echo, Delay, and Chorus.
Sound Selection
  • Simple categorized, preset selection.
Favorites Section
  • Access your 6 Favorite sounds with ONE button press!
Easy Split and Layer Section
  • Dedicated front-panel controls make sound combinations a snap.

icon Read more about this fabulous new Digital Grand from Kurzweil


The Artis SoundEditor is a full-featured  Editor/Librarian and Sound Development tool designed  for Kurzweil Artis keyboards. SoundTower's Editor greatly expands  the editing experience by displaying every editable Artis parameter in a series of logical, easy-to-use graphical interfaces. SoundEditor  allows you to create, edit, organize,  and store Artis Programs, Setups, and Effects.

Through a standard MIDI connection  (DIN or USB), SoundEditor can receive and transmit individual Programs, Setups,  Effects, or entire banks to the Artis.

The Artis is an incredibly deep and complex instrument  with many programming options. SoundEditor has been designed to make the programming and editing process as simple and easy to use as possible  while providing  all of the functional control needed to adjust every parameter.  

A few of SoundEditor's editing windows  are shown above..

• Editing programs on all 16 channels.
• Editing of all SP4 program and layer parameters,
• Editing of FX program parameters  and routing.
• Editing of VAST system and Algorithm wiring.
• Add and remove  Program layers.
• Editing of all KB3 Program parameters.
• Utilize program locations above the factory designated 2 ROM banks. (Accessible only via MIDI)
• Import of 100's of PC3 VAST and KB3 ready programs.
· Program Librarian.with the ability to load programs for audition without  a need to load them in to Program banks.

• Editing of all 4 setup zones.
• Selecting  Programs  for zones and setting up many parameters  that are not possible  to be accessed or changed  by the front panel
• Setting up the Key triggers.
• Setting up the arpeggiator which is otherwise  not available on the SP4.
• Editing and applying of Velocity and Shift patterns.
• Assigning  Riffs/Songs imported  from the PC3 system.

• Import of PC3Setups (First 4 setup zones


Zip Download the Artis Desktop Sound Editor for PC 5.6Mb - Version 2.42

ZipDownload the Artis Desktop Sound Editor for Mac 9.2Mb - Version 2.42

Guitra Jack2

Inputs & Outputs
About GuitarJack 2 USB

GuitarJack 2 USB portable audio I/O connects instruments, microphones headphones and more to your PC, Mac and select mobile devices. Featuring a 1/4 inch instrument input and a 1/8 inch stereo mic/line input and a pristine sounding 24-bit AD/DA converter.

With rugged aluminum construction and premium components, GuitarJack 2 USB is the highest quality portable audio interface. Product finish will be brushed instead of polished as shown in these images.

  • Studio quality sound from a 24-bit A/D and D/A converter with analog front end and digital circuitry designed by renowned audio designer, Joe Bryan, famous for his work on the UA 2192
  • 1/4 inch (6.5 mm) instrument input - nickel-plated, solid brass Switchcraft (10,000 MTBF) jack (records one input at a time)*
  • 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo mic/line input - (no phantom power is provided) (records one input at a time)*
  • 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo headphone/line output with increased drive for headphones provides incredible sound quality
  • Micro USB connector
  • Sleek and rugged aluminum shell
  • Device powered for ultimate portability - requires no batteries or power adapter
  • Input Modes:
    • Instrument (1/4 inch) - mono Hi-Z
    • Mic/Line (1/8 inch) - mono or stereo
  • GuitarJack 2 USB works with Mac, PC and select mobile devices.
    Compatible with Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9
    Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPad 4 and iPad mini using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter(not included).
    Compatible with iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad using Apple's iPAD Camera Connection Kit.
    Compatible Android devices to be determined. Android compatibility requires Sonoma's Low Latency Audio (LLA) Solution which is available for license to device manufacturers.
  • Looking for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch compatibility (Lightning and 30-pin)? See Sonoma's other highly acclaimed interface:GuitarJack Model 2 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Works with most audio apps.

Tech SpecsUSB

Line/Headphone Output

  • One 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo unbalanced output
  • Continuously variable gain
  • Responds to iPod volume up/down buttons
  • Specifications:
    • Maximum output level (into 32ohms): 1.00Vrms (63mW)
    • Maximum output level (into 10kohms): 1.00Vrms (+2.2dBu)
    • Frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz): +0.05/-0.40dB
    • Noise level (RMS, A-weighted): -97dB
    • Dynamic range (RMS, A-weighted): 96dB
    • THD (600mVrms into 10kohms): 0.0020% (-94dB)
    • THD (0dBV into 10kohms): 0.0036% (-89dB)
    • THD (0dBV into 32ohms): 0.026%
    • Stereo crosstalk (100Hz to 10kHz): -88dB
Line/Mic Inputs:
  • One 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo unbalanced input
  • Recording Rates: 44.1k and 48k depending on the app recording rate
  • Continuously variable gain
  • Specifications:
    • Minimum input impedance: 4.7kohm
    • Maximum input level (pad on, line-input): 6.5Vrms (+18dBu)
    • Minimum input level (boost on, full scale mic): 7.5mVrms (-40dBu)
    • Frequency response (40Hz to 20kHz): +0.06/-0.65dB
    • Noise level (RMS, A-weighted): -96dB
    • Dynamic range (RMS, A-weighted): 96dB
    • THD (-3dBFS): 0.008% (-82dB)
    • Stereo crosstalk (1kHz): -96dB
    • EIN (equivalent input noise, 20kHz BW, 150 ohms): -115dBu
Instrument Input:
  • One 1/4" (6.5mm) mono unbalanced input
  • Recording Rates: 44.1k and 48k depending on the app recording rate
  • Automatic detection of instruments
  • Continuously variable gain
  • Specifications:
    • Input impedance: 470kohm
    • Maximum instrument input level (Hi-Z, 1% THD): 700mVrms
    • Maximum instrument input level (Hi-Z, 10% THD): 1.5Vrms
    • Maximum instrument input level (Hi-Z, 20% THD): 2.5Vrms
Device connection
  • Micro USB-B Connector
Dimensions (std/metric)
  • Length 2.55"/64.8mm
  • Width 2.30"/58.5mm
  • Height 0.61"/15.6mm
  • Weight 2.25oz/65g
  • Case
    • 6061 Aluminum
    • Black nickel plated with stainless steel side panels
    • Laser etched logo
  • 1/4" connector
    • Switchcraft
    • Nickel plated Brass
    • 10,000 insertion MTBF (with switchcraft plug)
  • Electronics
    • RoHS certified components

StompbloxStompblox Modular Pedalboards allow you to customize your pedalboard. You can easily connect, disconnect, and configure Stompblox in ways that work with how you play.

Hand tightening thumbscrews are attached to the board, so you dont have to worry about losing important parts.

Stompblox pedalboards are designed to connect to each other, making more room for pedals as you need it. If you run out of space, simply add another unit.

You can connect them two deep and as many wide as you can fit on stage.Whether you have a small setup, or a monster setup, Stompblox works for you.

Stompblox Modular Pedalboards

  • All metal construction
  • Attached thumbscrews for easy connect/disconnect
  • Swing out feet
  • Pass throughs for cable management
  • Convenient anchor points to secure cables
  • Modular gig bag included

icon More information on the Stompblox Pedalboard

Stompblox Pedalboard

Kemper profiler Rack Front

Kemper Amps, the makers of the highly acclaimed and award winning Kemper Profiler announce the new Kemper Profiler Rack.

One year after the arrival of the Kemper Profiler concept to the market, it has found its place on all levels guitar players usually operate: at home, in the rehearsal room, the recording studio and on stage, even arenas. Featuring a user interface nearly identical to the lunchbox version, the Kemper Profiler Rack is just as easy to operate. The layout is highly intuitive and already familiar to users of more traditional amps. The most important parameters, such as gain, tonestack and volume, are directly accessible. There are even dedicated knobs to control the reverb and delay from the front panel.

Also available fully powered– The Kemper Profiler PowerRack
The Kemper Profiler PowerRack adds a built in 600 Watt power amp to the Kemper Profiler concept and turns the former recording solution into the most versatile guitar amplification system ever. Utilizing the Kemper CabDriver mode, guitarists now have the choice of playing through regular guitar cabinets or full range monitor systems.

This extends the Kemper Profiler concept as the perfect solution for the rehearsal room and the stage.

The 600 Watt Class D amplifier was carefully selected for the guitar amplification system to guarantee utmost performance. After extensive listening tests, a lot of measuring and looking thoroughly at the typical sonic behavior of power amps for guitar amplification on the market, it became clear that only the best components are capable of delivering impressive results.

More Information on the Kemper Profiling Racks

Read the Kemper Review from Mixdown mag - Rob Gee

Australian GuitarAustralia Guitar Magazine this month has published a great review on our Kemper Profiling Amplifiers.

In the review they call it “ The Best Overall Product March/April 2014 “ and “ Most Innovative Product March / April 2014 “ Check it Out ...