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P-101 Torpedo CAB Capture

VB-101 Front Panel


Loadbox Speaker Mic Simulator

The Torpedo Studio is the next generation of digital loadbox: new features, new design, lighter weight.

It updates and revamps the acclaimed VB-101 the first ever digital loadbox to have hit the market.

Its new features notably include a new loadbox with increased admissible power, a switchable impedance (4, 8, or 16 Ohms), and the possibility to choose between resistive and reactive loadbox.

Its new, enhanced design makes it a more advanced, much lighter successor to VB-101.

  • Torpedo_STUDIO_persp
    The Studio's new design makes it lighter than VB-101
  • Torpedo_STUDIO_FRONT
    New, redesigned front of the Torpedo Studio
  • Torpedo_STUDIO_rear
    New loadbox, and stereo I/Os
The Studio's new design makes it lighter than VB-101


Other Torpedo Products:
VM202 The Torpedo VM-202 is a guitar/bass preamp DI composed of 3 main parts: a tube power amp simulator, a speaker miking simulator powered by the acclaimed Torpedo technology with all your favorite cabs inside and a Post-FX section with all the processing effects you usually need when miking a guitar cab. more info ....

Torpedo Live - a combination of an analog REACTIVE 100W RMS loadbox and a powerful 32-bit DSP. The Torpedo Live was directly inspired by the critically acclaimed Torpedo VB-101, the first-ever digital loadbox to have hit the market. Getting the right sound on stage has never been so easy! more info ....

C.A.B Torpedo-powered pedal
The Torpedo C.A.B. is a high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It is not a loadbox, but it does include all the great features of the Torpedo Live, together with an input stage specifically tailored to accept pedal-level signals. more info ...
REMOTE Remote software application for Torpedo Products

Sometimes, you need a big screen for editing, that’s why we have developed an application to control the Torpedo hardware products remotely from your Mac/PC via the USB connector located on the rear panel of your machine.
more info ....


Torpedo Capture : capture your own sound signature.

Setup your gear as if you were ready to record with your cabinet and microphone, replace the guitar amp by a studio/PA amplifier, the Capture software will send a test signal through the system and process a Torpedo compliant .tur file. Just load it into the VB-101/VM-202 using the Torpedo Remote, that’s it ! more info ....

P-101 The Torpedo PI-FREE is based on our flagship plug-in, the PI-101 WOS, but only features 1 model of power amp simulation (EL34 / AB class), 1 speaker cab (based on a Marshall 4×12) and 1 type of microphone (based on a Shure SM57) — you still have the full Post-FX section. And best of all, it is FREE! more info ...

Torpedo Reload: A new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification.

This is the perfect

combination of a state-of-the art reactive loadbox and a high-performance, ultra-low THD + Noise power amplifier. With its true-to-life,constant real speaker impedance, innovative Match feature, sturdy design, and elegant looks, the Torpedo Replay is the attenuator that will make your amp go wild! more info on Torpedo Reload

Le Preamp -

The Le Clean, Le Crunch, Le Lead and Le Bass preamp pedals cover every tonal base possible, while still remaining compact enough to fit on your pedalboard, giving you total freedom on the go, while taking your tone to the next level.

Shared Features for all pedals include True High Voltage Design, running 200 volts to preserve the interaction of you and your guitar while playing nice with anything else you have on your pedalboard.

More information on the new Preamplifier series of pedals