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RRP $749.00

Bitbox Micro

Bitbox micro provides Eurorack sampling for smaller racks and smaller budgets. In only 18 HP of rack space you can get a touch screen based sampler with support for 8 stereo sample pads. Now you can record samples directly into the module or load them from the microSD card. Trigger your samples via CV or MIDI, then apply effects and mix the outputs. Save your configurations to multiple presets for later reuse. Powerful Sampling Capabilities in a Smaller Form Factor With the sampling features of bitbox micro you can add interesting new ways of generating sound and music to your Eurorack. Trigger one shots, play time synched loops or record live looping. Bitbox micro is equally at home in your studio or as a component of your live performance. Features Sample Playback - Play up to 24 stereo polyphonic notes when your samples fit in the 64 MB of internal memory or up to 8 larger stereo samples streaming directly from the microSD card - Configure 8 stereo sample pads per preset as single or multi-samples, clips, slicers, granular or new recordings - Stream long samples from the microSD card with a max sample size of 4 GB, which can be many hours of audio - Trigger samples with the touch screen, CV gate inputs, or MIDI input - Control how samples start and stop by choosing from one-shot, toggle, and gate launch modes - Tweak playback through a variety of sample parameters, including start position, length, pitch, gain, filter, loop mode, launch quantization, ADSR, Exclusive Grouping, clip synchronization, slice placement and sequencing, grain size, grain spread, grain count, and MIDI note and channel mapping Sample Recording - Record Eurorack level audio straight into the module: - Record samples from a stereo audio input pair - Configure each pad for stereo or mono recording with the option to synchronize the start and stop times to clock inputs - Trigger recording via audio level threshold - Create perfectly sized loops by setting the recording length - Enable immediate playback after recording for live looping capabilities - Make recordings up to 4 hours in length Resample the master output without patching - Automate recording of a multi-sample bank via MIDI and CV - Store recorded samples as WAV files on the micro SD card then remove the card to transfer them to your computer Sample Modes Find creative ways of using your samples with our 5 sample playback modes: - Trigger one shots or launch loops using sample mode - Load a folder of samples into a sample mode pad to improve the quality of the pitch shifting when playing a sample chromatically or to trigger different samples with each note - Play time-synchronized loops with constant pitch time shifting in clip mode - Skip between slices of a WAV using slicer mode - Create rich textures and other worldly sounds with granular mode Inputs and Outputs - Use the 8 inputs the way you want: assignments include a stereo audio input, up to 8 gate inputs, up to 8 CV inputs and 1 clock input. - Route the audio from each pad out to one of 3 stereo audio outputs or one of 6 mono audio outputs - Listen to all of the pad outputs combined on the master stereo output - Inputs and outputs are DC coupled so you can record and play out CV signals External Control and Synchronization - Playback can be immediate or synchronized to internal clock, TRS clock in, or MIDI clock in and out - Confidently connect with both TRS MIDI Type A and Type B, no adapter needed - Play a single or multi-sample pad pitch shifted using MIDI notes or CV - Trigger different sample slices using MIDI notes or CV - Modulate a wide variety of sample parameters through the MIDI input and up to 8 CV signals - Quickly set up MIDI modulation using Learn mode — no need to look up CC numbers Module Features - Use the 2″ diagonal touch screen to intuitively explore the features of the module - Get more creative with double the processing power of the original bitbox - Refine your sound with reverb and delay Import or export WAV files with your Mac or PC using a microSD card - Save and recall multiple presets - Increase your capacity with larger microSD cards What Is Included When you purchase bitbox micro, you will receive: - a bitbox micro Eurorack module - a microSD card with a bank of demo presets and samples loaded on it - a Eurorack power cable - a bitbox micro Quick Start guide - a MIDI Adapter - Firmware Updates Technical Specifications - Supports 1 and 2 channel WAV files with 16, 24 or 32-bit resolution at any sample rate (48kHz preferred) -18 HP - 3.5″ x 5″x 1.75″ - +12V: 400mA - -12V: 0mA -5V: 0mA - 24-bit ADC and DAC

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