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RRP $699.00


Explore a freshly squeezed approach to granular synthesis with nanobox | lemondrop, a polyphonic granular mini synthesizer with intuitive touchscreen control. Four voice polyphony, two granulators and an oscillator provide a wide sonic palette—from lush environmental pads to rugged and glitched-out textures. Instantly morph and shape sounds with the swipe of a finger using touchscreen X/Y control. Choose from hundreds of professionally designed presets and wav files, or quickly create your own patches with deep parameter control via the 2” touchscreen. Integrate lemondrop seamlessly with your existing tabletop gear—or create on-the-go thanks to a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand. • Adjust and tweak parameters quickly with an intuitive touchscreen interface • Perform with 4 voice polyphony, 2 granulators, and an oscillator • Sculpt your sound with 2 filters, 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs, and 1 modulation sequencer • Use your favorite MIDI controller for real time, hands-on sound manipulation • Mix and match 6 onboard effects in two slots for up to 12 possible combinations—choose from flanger, distortion, chorus, phaser (FX1), and delay and reverb (FX2) • Morph and shape sounds using touchscreen X/Y control • Choose from hundreds of professionally developed presets and wav files • Load your own wav files via micro-SD • Integrates seamlessly with other synths, drum machines, and audio devices • Get into the groove with a fast, fluid, and intuitive workflow • Make music anywhere thanks to a compact design and USB power • Flexible power options from USB C connection • Mini TRS connections for MIDI in and out, clock in, line in and line out • 2″ touch screen, 2 knobs and 4 buttons in a 3.75″ x 3″ x 1.5″ package

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