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RRP $699.00


There’s a bit of that classic old school sampler feel. Tangerine makes sampling and using samples fun and easy like it used to be. Create keyboard splits, sample layers, plug in a sound source, hit record, and then play your new instrument. Done! Get yesterday’s EZ sampling with today’s sound quality, processing and storage. Nanobox Tangerine delivers extreme sampling in a box about the size of that juice box you had in your school lunch. Just throw it in your #Barbie lunch box and hit the club! Features • Compact streaming sampler: only 3.75ʺ x 3ʺ x 1.5ʺ weighing a quarter of a pound. • 24 voice polyphony • 576 simultaneous streaming samples from microSD • Mul4-sample Wizard for automa4cally sampling and mapping other MIDI synths/drum machines • 2ʺ color touchscreen • 8 Sample Pads • Synced Clips/Loops • Automa4c Sample Slicer with edi4ng • Mul4-sample and melodic playback with touchscreen keyboard, internal sequencer or MIDI • Trigger one shots from touchscreen pads, the internal sequencer or MIDI • Stellar 1.7GB piano from the makers of Na4ve Instrument’s Maverick and Grandeur • Versa4le collec4on of sample one shots, loops, instruments and sound effects • Imports SMPL and INST tags in sample metadata with an ac4vity display to show loading progress • Poly X Mode • Color coordinated USB cable • 16 pa;ern sequencer • Reverb + delay fx • 1 stereo audio input and output • MIDI In with MIDI Clock via 3.5 mm TRS Type A or B • MIDI Out with MIDI Clock via 3.5 mm TRS Type B • Analog clock input

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