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Eventide’s flagship multi-effects processor, the H9000, continues our unbroken tradition of delivering industry-leading signal processing power to the pro audio community. The culmination of nearly fifty years of R&D, the H9000 comes loaded with over 1600 unique algorithms from recreations of beloved classics to Eventide’s latest and greatest effects. The wealth of included effects will offer users many years of exploration and inspiration. The H9000 is available in two versions, the standard H9000 and the H9000R. The H9000 with full front panel UI is priced at $7,999. The blank front panel H9000R is priced at $5,999 and requires Emote for operating. Four quad core ARM processors: 16 DSP engines · Analog audio I/O: 8 channels · USB audio: 16 channels · AES/EBU, ADAT, S/PDIF: Up to 8 channels · World-class USB audio interface · Expandable I/O: Three expansion slots for additional audio connectivity, giving you an additional 32 channels per expansion card. · Hardware Meters: 8 assignable LED meters – front panel version only · Emote control software app for Mac & PC is available as a standalone app or AAX, VST, ·AU plug-in · FX Chains: Innovative approach for setting up and managing complex effects · Direct I/O: Virtual patchbay lets you route any set of inputs to any set of outputs with the click of a mouse · Comprehensive Live Controls: MIDI, Expression · Pedals, Auxiliary Switches and USB controllers · Preset portability: Store and recall presets using USB thumb drives · Network Connectivity via LAN or WiFi

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