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RRP $2,999.00

Profiler PowerRack

It makes a perfect silhouette on a 4x12 cabinet. Yet it's so light and compact that it can be taken onto a plane as hand-luggage. It is extremely versatile in terms of inputs, outputs, signal routing and remote control, as well as countless other aspects. It includes effect loop, aux-in or wet-dry-wet configurations. You could also drive a physical guitar cabinet with a signal that excludes the cabinet simulation, while simultaneously feeding a mixing desk with a complete simulation. A multitude of buttons and knobs on its front panel offer direct access to all critical parameters and are very intuitive to use. The PROFILER Rack™ offers the same features in a 19" 3 HU housing - ideal for your studio or touring rack environment. PROFILER PowerHead™ and PROFILER PowerRack™ models just add a fanless digital power amp providing 600 watts at 4 as well as 8 ohms, and 300 watts at 16 ohms, without trading any other capabilities or connectivity options. These models with built-in power amp are the perfect choice to directly drive an unpowered KEMPER Kabinet™ - or any other classical guitar cabinet. Any PROFILER™ model can be complemented by one (mono) or two (stereo) KEMPER Power Kabinet™s for your personal monitoring. For interactive remote control, you can connect the perfectly integrated one cable plug & play solution: PROFILER Remote™. KEMPER Rig Manager™ for macOS® and Windows® connects via the same USB cable as USB audio and offers editor and librarian functionalities. If you connect any of these PROFILER models to a WiFi-router, you could also use Rig Manager for iOS® on your iPad® or iPhone® to edit your sounds. All these Rig Manager variants are free-of-charge.

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