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  • Assessment and Fees:

    • IMA evaluates and assesses devices/systems before providing answers or estimates.

    • A standard assessment fee of $88.00 is applicable.

    • For insurance claims, a fixed price quotation fee of $150.00 is offered.

    • The fee must be paid before assessment, unless under warranty.

    • All repairs include a 90-day parts and labor warranty from the repair completion date
      on the originally reported fault.

    Repair Threshold:

    • Repairs under $200 automatically proceed unless specified otherwise at booking.

    • You can set a different repair threshold at booking.


    • The balance of your manufacturer warranty still applies after repair (if applicable).

    • If your device is replaced under warranty the warranty period continues
      from the original date of purchse, it does not reset.

    • Warranty claims require valid proof of purchase.

    Data Backup:

    • User data may be lost during assessment; please back up critical data.

    • No liability is accepted for lost data.

    Costs and Estimates:

    • All times and expenses are estimates based on supplier information.

    • Charges apply for partial or complete repairs, regardless of the estimated outcome.

    • Shipping expenses are not included unless stated, and prices include GST.

    Return and Responsibility:

    • IMA is not responsible for backorders, failed deliveries, or delays.

    • Customers can arrange their own equipment return, and IMA is not responsible for packaging suitability.

    • Additional packaging by IMA is at the customer's expense.

    • Customers should consider insurance for equipment return.

    Abandoned Goods:

    • If goods are not collected within 90 days after repair/estimate notice, IMA may dispose of them without liability.

    RMA Number:

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